Our Products

At Lawson Nutrition and Health Science we are currently preparing to launch our first 2 exciting products, designed to assist in disease prevention, recovery from illness-related malnutrition, and the promotion of general physical and mental health.

Our Renourish Functional Food Formula, and Renourish Beneficial Oil Blend are both delicate and earthy in taste, and packed with high quality ingredients rich in essential nutrients.  Click on the products below to learn more.

We will be manufacturing an initial batch of 300 units of each product to be released for purchase in May 2020.  To ensure you do not miss out when our stock is released you can pre-order by sending us an email with your name and the product and amount you would like to order. (Note that that the Renourish comes in 3 varieties (please specify your choice) with 20 serves per pack).

Example: Name – Hello, I am Sally Smith. I would like to pre-order 1 bottle of Renourish Oil, 1 Renourish Functional Food Pack (Bee Pollen Formula).

We will send you confirmation with the total price and details on how to pay for your pre-order. Pre-orders will be dispatched in the first week of April, 2020. Our list of pre-orders is growing fast so don’t miss out!

ReNourish Functional Food Formula™

ReNourish Oil Blend

Cod-Liver Oil with High Vitamin Butter Oil